Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Hoodie and Mad Cash!

Racist shitfaces hacked (possibly, racists lie) Trayvon Martin's Facebook email and "OMG!!!!! He's got pictures of himself holding wads of cash! He must be a drug dealer!!!!!"

You know what's super fucking funny, I mean nearly made me pee funny? My current Facebook pic is literally me wearing a hoodie holding fat wads of cash, grinning like the Cheshire cat. It's been my profile pic for ages. I must be a drug dealer. When will the Feds by knocking down my door?

That picture, btw, was taken at a friend's birthday dinner after we all kicked in dough to pay the check and cover the birthday girl's portion (Hey Ms. J!!!!)

I think Trayvon was just your average kid, posting funny pictures (hell, as seen above even us boring middle aged moms post funny pictures to Facebook- that's why it exists). But even if Trayvon was some kinda marijuana dealing teen entrepreneur, George Zimmerman could not have known that. All he could know was that a Black kid was walking around his neighborhood and Zimmerman didn't like that.

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