Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day for the Bitchez

I have this thing, this thing where I fucking love me a good break-up song. It doesn't matter if I am happily coupled-up, unhappily coupled-up, or happily single. Mushy love songs, with very few exceptions, make me wanna barf. Grand romantic gestures make me uncomfortable. But a low down dirty break up song, that I get. I have been known to give cd's full of break up songs to (soon to be ex)boyfriends as a kind of parting gift.

So in honor of the most romantic of holidays (didn't it originate in a slaughter? I'm too tired to wiki that, wevs) here's a few tunes to belt out in the car or shower.

First, the lady of the moment, Adele. Damn can she sing. (Yes this post may be entirely so I can play this song). I think the killer line has gotta be "Think of me in the depths of your despair. Make a home down down there cause mine sure won't be shared."

Then there's this little Gotye song. I love how when she's just making sounds and he's complete ignoring her to focus on himself. This song plays like a real fight.

The Postal Service - Give Up. This was the centerpiece of one of the break up cds. (There was also a shit ton of Magnetic Fields on that cd, but I can find a decent version of the song I wanted to post so you get this instead.)

Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I love you less and less. It's good if you're in the pissed off phase of a break up.

And when you're done being pissed and want to dance around your living room

That's just a few of the songs in my break up catalog. Now one that's a bit brighter and a total exception to the I Hate Mushy Love Songs rule. This one's for the boyfriend.

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