Monday, January 23, 2012

Shit you go through when you have your own name

So I am looking at getting Kid an ID card (we're city folks- he doesn't need a driver's license) because he is nearly 17 and should have one. I'm reading the website, lalalalalala, to find out what documents he needs and if I need to go in with him. Then I run across this shit:

"If your last name is different than your parent’s or guardian’s...we’ll require more documents (A divorce decree or marriage certificate)."

I don't have a either of those- being that I've never been married. And Kid's name on his birth certificate is different than my name- which is, was and ALWAYS will be different.

So what, because I refused to marry Kid's (insert whatever insults you like here)dad and have my own damn name- Kid can't get ID? WTF? This is fucking 2012. Kid's with different names from their parents are like what, almost a majority by now.

I think it might actually be easier to get his fucking passport than to get a boring state ID card because of this stupid requirement. Excuse me while I scream my frustrations in the alley.

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