Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Egyptian misogynists use the same damn tricks all misogynists use

I'm pretty sure it's the oldest political trick in the book actually.
It goes like this: 1)we are all united against ____(insert elite
system here) and will fight together for freedom. 2)revolution, regime
change, etc. 3) women realize that while their warm bodies and labor
and martydom were needed to organize and fight, they aren't actually
going to benefit from all the new freedom 4) douchebag dudes tell
woman to get back in the kitchen but not before commiting a little
sexual assualt just to make sure the ladies know their place.
We have to stop being fodder for revolutions that don't explicity
state what our gains will be. We also have to stop giving our time and
labor and votes to polical parties whose platform is 'we're 2% less
misogynist than the other guys'. We are more than 50% of the
population, we deserve half the power.

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