Thursday, March 03, 2011

awesome and weird food bank gets

when i had regular internet access i used to post pictures of weird
foods from the food bank, like the giant can of labeless 'PORK WITH
JUICES'. i don't even know what that is. but recent food bank stuff is
way better. i get cast off veggies from whole paycheck. but this week
i got my favorite food in the whole world, a food that has been nearly
impossible to get in the US for the last 20 years or so. a food that i
have only eaten in the last 20 years when i was in Paris. and after
reading a piece today about how animal rights groups are looking to
adopt the woman hating practices of the forced birther orgs, i am
proud to announce that right now i have a fridge full of freakin VEAL.
Breaded veal was one of the first things i learned to cook (with
canned green beans and boxed angel hair pasta). my cooking skills are
a bit more advanced now, and i can't wait to show my true feminist
cred by eating delicious BABIES! Apologies to the many veggies who
don't condone misogyny as a publicity stunt.

The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time.
Willem de Kooning

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