Monday, December 20, 2010

Just let me see if I can find my tiny violin...

Some banksters aren't getting a bonus in their Christmas stocking. Poor dears. Their salaries have been doubled in the past 2 years to compensate, but the poor "Zeros" are facing psychological trauma by receiving their ill gotten gains in their regular paychecks instead of the fat, end of year bonus checks.

My heart breaks. My soul is crushed in empathy. As a poor, homeless single mother, I know the pain of trying to live off $200,000 or $500,000 a year. Why we have had to settle on the standard trash can fire for warmth, instead of this high-end, designer trash can.

It's the Christmas season. Can't we all spare a moment to think of the banksters? Do they know it's Christmas time at all if they aren't getting their bonus checks?

(FWIW- I find this whole song terribly offensive. Why on earth would non-Christians know when Christmas is? Do you know when Ramadan is? Ah colonialism, happily spread by 80's pop stars under the guise of charity)

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