Thursday, October 14, 2010

OMFG I'm online

Oh fuckity fuck fuck. This thing is fucking fast. I can't believe it. Intertubes. OMG I LOVE YOU INTERTUBES! I missed you. We shall never part again!!!!!!!!

I am trying to adjust to typing with all 10 fingers. And punctuation. And spell check (wait is spell check on in firefox?) Wevs. Just wevs.

I owe many many thanks to bloglandia. I also owe one generous godless whore a ranty email to Patty Murray. I am adjusting to looking at a screen larger than 2.5 inches square. I ended up going with the Virgin mobile unlimited wireless USB tool and it's grand. I haven't tried to watch any videos yet, but programs were downloading too fast for me to be able click through the install screens. So I am hopeful. And chipper. Fucking chipper. I may just jizz in my pants over internet access.

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