Tuesday, June 01, 2010

That's Entertainment

Let's see...

Israel is trying to start a war with Turkey and peacenik hippies and the US is blocking an independent investigation through its vote on the UN Security Council.

The top kill failed. The junk shot failed. There will be no more efforts to stem the gush of oil until the relief wells are drilled 2 or 3 months from now in the Gulf. But that oil spill is dwarfed by the one in Nigeria, apparently, where oil companies have been participating in state sponsored murder for at least a decade.

Economies in Europe like Iceland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, are lining up to drop like flies (if they haven't already gotten to the austerity measures normally reserved by the IMF for browner skinned countries, then they will shortly).

Economics here ain't much better.

And how many states are thinking of passing "Papers, please" laws similar to Ari-fucking-zona's?

But what the news bunnies are covering today is Al and Tipper's break up and "Is Obama aging faster than previous presidents?". And no, this wasn't fauxnews.

There is only one appropriate response

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