Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Continuing the theme

Since i am limited to how many characters i can put in one post via my phone, you'll all just have to deal with 2 posts.
Where did i leave off...
I don't have to imagine too hard how relieved a non het person might be sitting in that office and hearing someone who is not them calling out a douchebag on their douchebaggery. I think if some random dude ever told a street harraser that it's not my job to smile on command for them, or said 'hey chill with the fucking not funny sexist posts on facebook' or maybe even just 'ugh not another crappy apatow flickwhere all the men are loveable assholes and all the women are shrews' i'd bake him a fucking cake. Seriously. It's never happened. Not once. Actually, that's not true. Deeks done it once or twice. But never a random guy.
Be the random guy (or white person or hetero person,etc.) Show a little courage, suffer a little bit of anger, and be a real ally.

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