Monday, May 24, 2010

Aside from the privacy issues, Facebook is really evil

Or at least it means I have to jump into that "let's be totes obnoxious for the good of humanity" role way more often than I actually like to. And i've got nearly 2000 posts where I do jump into that role, so I ain't chicken.

Y'all I am tired, dead fucking tired, of having racist drivel pop up on my facebook page. I find myself, after reading yet another thing hating on brown people (but not really, they all say) with hands shaking in anger and my stomach doing flip flops of revulsion. And for a second, just a second, I debate saying something. Just drop it. Let it go. I could you know. I'm white. I could slink past it and not give it another thought and no one would know. That's privilege for ya.

But I don't. I make myself obnoxious. I call it out for what it is. That is what I can do as an ally. It is my one small teaspoon.

I do need a fucking stiff drink though. It would be so much more fun to play obnoxious do gooder if I could do it with a vodka tonic in hand. And it's still early.

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