Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Halla if you like Challah

The Kid has become the resident baker. This is way awesome, since he has mastered the boxed brownie mixes and we are all regularly treated to "dope brownies" (brownies covered in carmel butterscotch sauce that make you dumb as a stoner).

The other day the Kid pulled out a bread maker (we were broke broke broke and hungry) and made two loaves of bread from a mix. They were awesome and delicious and totally made us forget that all we ate that day was bread.

Today he has gone a bit further in his kitchen experiments and is making Challah from scratch.

Challah, peeps, is probably my favorite bread product ever.

And we have been running around the house all afternoon saying things like "Challah-lueia" and other strange things while we wait for yummy deliciousness.

Can I just say that if teenagedom means a child who bakes delicious treats whenever I want, then I think I will survive it.

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