Friday, December 18, 2009

Techie Help Por Favor

So Haloscan is going away. I have 13 days to either pay the 10 bucks to keep my comments and transfer them to something called echo or find another free comment plugin that will let me import all the old haloscan comments. Not having internet access means I can't spend the required hours searching the interwebs and reading reviews and playing with the template to find a new platform.

So peeps- advice, suggestions? Do you use a free commenting service that you like? Anyone using Echo? Is it worth the $10 (please remember that my income this month is about $100 - so $10 is ALOT of fricken money).

Things I like about haloscan- the power of the edit. I like being able to replace dickweed's misogynist comments with songs about their tiny penii. I like that when the internet is gone away I can check haloscan comments on my phone (though i can't comment back on my phone)so even when I'm lost in space I can see what you all are saying.

Things I don't like- the totes anonymous nature of it. No screen name required, no email required.

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