Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who we gonna hate on when all the smokers and fatties are dead?

My aunt once said (it's a day for Auntie sayings, I guess) "No social worker worth their salt will pick on a poor person for smoking and drinking coffee. They know poor parents use those things to keep them going while their kids get whatever food is available."

I am coming to have the same kind of contempt for the "Left" as I do for the Rethuglikans and Christian blow hards. I already hate the virtuous foodies bad enough that given half a chance I'd watch them choke on organic apples before I'd perform the Heimlich. Fair's fair, after all. They'd watch my family starve to death rather than see us eat "crap". (Of course they still buy their organic produce people who don't make a living wage and couldn't afford to shop in the places they work,but hypocrisy is not monopolized by the right).

You cannot backtrack on pure meanness once it is unleashed

He's right. The left has lost compassion. Worse than that even, they've lost the fucking good sense that got us out of the last Depression, the truth that Roosevelt knew was that when we all do better, we ALL do better. Call it enlightened self interest, but the constant squashing of the weakest segments of society is not healthy for any society. Maybe, like the machiladoras who only hire teenage girls because they are less likely to fight, we've let poverty become feminized and disabled in this country because they think we are less likely to fight back. But bougie left may want to check themselves, us poor girls fight dirty and I know more than a few disabled peeps whose trigger fingers still work just fine.

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