Friday, October 16, 2009

Relay messsage from the Red Queen

Okay, this is my third attempt to make Blogger my pal and get it to post the WHOLE post. Please, Blogger, be my fwiend?

Got word this morning from the Red Queen herself. She, the Kid and all are fine--it's just her internet connection that's fubar. RQ, here's hoping it'll all be straightened out to your satisfaction soon. The joint ain't the same without ya.

But, to pass the time while you're offline, would anyone like to contribute an ode to Sen. Al Franken for his overall awesomeness? (Or one decrying the 30 male Republican senators who thought the suffering of gang-rape victims should be secondary to Halliburton's profits?) I'll start:

The clown speaks the truth
and helps the sufferers more
than their "protectors."

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