Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Men's worst fear

is that women will laugh at them.

Women's worst fear is that men will kill them.

Think about that while the stories about murderous douchebag George Sodini (Sorry OD- links to Jezebel) come out. Three women are dead because he couldn't get laid. And the MRA wankers want to though him a fucking parade. (Not a link to Jezebel).

Let's get one thing straight- no one deserves sex. No one. Not even George Clooney deserves to get laid. Sex is not a shiny prize you win at the end of a battle. It's not a reward for good behavior. It's not something women owe to men who have enough human decency not to rape them or beat them.

But if there is one thing that Sodini did, it's that he proved that Nice Guys(TM) really aren't nice. Women stay away from them because they can sense the asshole hiding right under the surface. And every single women I know has had a problem with a guy like Sodini at some point. It's one of the things that the internet has made both better and worse. Now at least we can deal with the asswipes from a distance, long before they get our phone numbers or addresses. But we still end up with an inbox full of downward spiraling crazy rants.

Sodini is just the end product of rape culture. He was a man who thought that sex was owed to him, but wasn't willing to cross the line to actual rapist to get it. Instead he choose murder. In a post feminist society, Sodini might have been able to recognize that his desperate need and douchebaggery were the reasons he wasn't getting laid, as quite a few former Nice Guys have. But instead he blamed the problem on us bitches.

And that got women killed. That is why our worst fear is that you'll kill us. That's why catcalls are frightening and not flattering. That is why it's hard to give a guy we don't know well a flat out "no". We never know when our saying no will get us hurt.

Puts that whole fear of rejection/ being laughed at thing in perspective, doesn't it.

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