Monday, June 01, 2009

If they are really pro life

then why do they celebrate killers? Or threaten clinic workers. Or bomb clinics and shoot doctors and post home addresses so that other people can do violence?

If it is all about the babies, then why don't they adopt them? Or make sure that their are support services to make it easier for their moms to keep them, or advocate for universal health care so they can be born healthy?

If they aren't trying to control women's bodies, then why do they lie about birth control? Or rip out IUD's without consent? Or block access to clinics? Or eliminate funding for family planning? Or forbid even talking about abortion if you want governmental funding to deliver healthy babies?

Why do they treat children as a just punishment for having sex? If they love children so much, why would they want those children to be born to mothers that don't love them or can't care for them?

The bible, which most of these people claim to follow, says "Know them by their fruits".

Their fruits are rotten.

You cannot negotiate with people who are not acting in good faith. Lying about their goals by claiming to be pro life is bad faith. They aren't concerned with saving lives. Actually, without birth control and abortion the maternal death rate would sky rocket.

So why does our president keep giving credit to liars and terrorists when he says that abortion isn't really about a woman's right to control her own body?

Rest in peace Dr. Tiller. You were a braver person than most of us can ever hope to be. Your tragic end shows them for what they are, murderers and misogynists and terrorists.

We should not negotiate with terrorists. Why should we negotiate with them?

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