Monday, September 08, 2008

Wecome to Bizzaro Land

It's official peeps- I get a stalker and lose a dear friend cause I won't vote for Obama and admit that Unity Ponies are real, and I lose a different dear friend cause I won't vote John McCain, Maverick at large. Apparently not voting for McCain makes me a coward, yet not voting for Obama makes me a dumb slut.

WTF peeps? I think I am officially in Bizzarro Land.

And after checking the sitemeter stats for today- I know it's true. Since I am too tired (spent the day cleaning house for a friend. It's not a lot of money but I was down to bus fare when I got to his house) and am too angry to blog about anything coherent at the moment, you get a list of the weird google searches that get you to this blog:

Cookie Porn

free chimpanzee fucking woman

Center of a twinkie - I'm number 1 on this at Google. I'm so proud!

catch more flies with honey type analogies

Cute Indian Boys

And the still popular- why do men hate their women

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