Thursday, August 14, 2008

some interesting stuff about the war

By this time everyone and their mother knows there is a war in Georgia. The question is, what DO you know about the war?

The Western media has made a great deal of " Russia invades poor Georgia!". They also tend to leave out that Russia invaded Georgia because Georgia, in a hurry to get into NATO, proceeded to bomb and chase out the separatist province of South Ossetia.
If a country who isn't an ally of the USA indulges in a little bit of ethnic cleansing, that's a bad thing. It's horrible and they should be bombed, scorned and generally treated like shit. However... when an ally of the US does it, it's OK. So many people are hurrying to condemn Russia forgettign that Georgia levelled the capital of South Ossetia to the ground, killed at least 2000 people and forced about 25000 into exile.

Why would Georgia do that?

Because Georgia was told to solve its separatist region problem before it was allowed into NATO. So Georgia, after being repeatedly told that it is "The biggest US ally in the area" thought it could chase out the ossetians and keep South Ossetia. I won't even get into how idiotic is to treat people like that, nonetheless people with Russian passports.

Georgia kicked the Russian bear, and the bear bit back. Whose fault is that?

( Trivia: South Ossetia proclaimed its independence in 1991. There have been some issues like a slowly burning civil unrestness for years. )

I am not going to excuse Russia going into Georgia and attacking Gori and even Tbilisi. But...

What they are doing is not anything more than what the US and its allies did about Kosovo. When you establish a precedent, you need to obey it. That simple.

In the mean time, nobody will help Georgia against Russia. Its president, the guy who decided that killing innocent civilians and chasing them out of their homeland was a good idea.

I leave you with some pics out of Tschinvali, South Ossetia, courtesy of the georgian army. This is what war is about. Don't you forget it.

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