Friday, July 04, 2008

Well now we know what Obama's definition of "Some control" is.

And fuck you folks who keep throwing around Roe as an extortion threat. Your supreme leader is an ass, a sexist, and a forced pregnancy blowhard.

I had a late term abortion (24 weeks) for issues of mental distress. Obama doesn't think that's a good enough reason. Let's see, what did mental stress include for me.....

A still nursing 2 year old (thats why it was late term, I wasn't having a period at all), gripping poverty, 8 bucks an hour at a crappy job an hour and a half away with no health insurance or paid maternity leave, 600 bucks a month in child care for one child, no child support, an ex with a restraining order because he tried to kill me in a parking lot and 56 violations of that restraining order (with no jail time, not even one day), and the knowledge that my last pregnancy had nearly killed me and another could really do me in.

So this means war. If Obama wins the presidency, the Democratic party is ruined forever, and women in the entire country, regardless of their political views, are screwed.


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