Friday, July 25, 2008


Have you ever asked yourselves how come, when Breast cancer is such a fashionable condition, there is no cure for the fucking thing yet? All that awareness and fundraising and nothing to show for it.

Well, yeah, you can do stuff about it. Surgery that will leave you with horrible scars, chemotherapy that will make you lose your hair ( not always, I am of the 0.001% that didn't), cover your body in pustules, make you throw up everything you eat, plus water, plus your own stomach's lining.

That is my experience , only got so far, and I was considered "lucky".

If you are lucky after about 2 years of the above you might be declared cancer free. But you know what? That is temporary. It might come back. In 80% of the cases it does. You will need more surgery, again chemo, more scars and so on.

Do you know why?

Because nobody is actively looking for a cure. All this awareness bullshit is exactly that, bullshit, because once you have it, that's that.

Finding a cure for cancer is a long and painful process. It requires research, research facilities, trained personnel, time and money. Who's gonna put it into it?


Now why would they do that?

It's not a profitable thing to do for them. Allow me to explain:

Let's say Pfizer goes and develops a cure for cancer. It would take them, say an average of 5 years( average research period ). During these 5 years, they have to pay for qualified staff, lab space, lab time, animal test subjects ( if you start going PETA on me, ask yourself when did you last take an antibiotic and STFU). They have to put these expenses into their yearly reports and explain to the idiotic bureaucrats why do they waste the shareholders' money.

But let us assume that they do. Let us assume that after 5 years of fighting bureaucrats, PETA, etc, they finish the product. Now it's going to pay off for them, right?

Umm, no. First, the whole process, which Pfizer had already tested to hell and back, has to be tested again by the government authority in charge of this. This takes an average of 5 years. And if you get sick in these 5 years and die... well tough luck. The government will take its sweet time. Does it need a 5 years testing time? Not necessarily, since most of these companies have to present large amounts of research and testing evidence when asking for a patent.

But, 5 years. Now let's assume that we are still alive at the end of the 5 years. The company has gotten all of the approvals and can start marketing the cancer cure. Now, the company needs to get its money back, right?

After all, it's a COMPANY. Its purpose is to make MONEY and keep its shareholders happy. Which means that CancerCure XYZ is going to cost hundreds of USD per month. If your ensurance company covers it, good for you. Chances are it won't. Which means that you'd have to either pay for yourself, or hope. Hope doesn't cure you btw.

Do I need to go further?

Plus, why in the hell would any pharma look for a cancer cure? IF cancer is cureable, who's gonna buy chemo drugs? anti sickness drugs? skin care ointments?

So until someone who's not in for the money and who doesn't profit from people being sick as long as possible gets into the research business... ain't gonna happen.

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