Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Read

I've been lurking at the Hathor Legacy for quite sometime. Reading their stuff has given me massive insight into those things that bother you about TV and movie characters that you can't quite explain why.

Today they bring up an oldie but goodie episode of M*A*S*H to show the problems of being a competent woman in a room of equally competent men.

Here we have it: the trifecta of requirements our culture has for women interfacing with men but not for men dealing with women. Hawkeye was actually okay with being shown up by a woman, he just expected her to do it in a womanly fashion: quietly, with consideration for his fragile ego. He refuses to see a problem with this (he loves women, after all),

Go read the whole thing and check out their blog. Besides, it gives you an excuse to watch TV, you're educating yourself about the patriarchy. Not killing brain cells and wasting time that could otherwise be spent reading.

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