Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brain not work so well

I am taking new meds that make me sleepy like a heroin addict, so no substantial posts for you (all 3 of you). Instead you get a meme hijacked from ShapelyProse.

The rules are that you type the answers into a Google image search and pick a picture on the first page.

Age at next birthday

Place I want to go someday

Favorite place (I cheated- this is a picture I took in Rome. I liked it better than the Google pics)

Favorite object

Favorite food (I'm cheating cause I've got 3 in there- proscuitto, olives and CHEESE ! It;s CHEESE Grommit!)

Favorite animal

Favorite color (duh!)

The town I was born in

The town where I live now

The name of a pet

The first name of a past love (hahahaha- he's a freaking clown!)

My best friend's nickname

My screen name

My first name

My middle name

My last name

My bad habit(s)

My first job

My Grandmother's first name

My College Major

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