Friday, March 23, 2007

New Rule

Some of you may have noticed that I almost exclusively use the terms girl and boy instead of woman and man. There is a reason for it.

When I call grown ups boys, many of said boys will say things like "oh baby, I'm all man". This gives the the opportunity to point out to them how if they dislike being diminutized so much that they need to assert their manhood when I call them a boy, then they need to stop using the word girl to describe a woman. More thoughtful boys will just ask why I only use the word boys. Then a simple explanation of why works.

But this kind of tactic only works with people I am around long enough to have this conversation with. Lately, before I even know someone well enough to know their name, I am confronted with girl/man problem. The cartoon about a "girl who knows how to treat her man" is something that I can say happens about once a week.

So, since I know that being rational with idiots never works (try debating with a conservative redneck sometime) I am no longer going to point out to the girl/man users that they are being sexist. Nope, I got me a better plan.

Instead, I am going to ask them if it's hard to be a child molester in this day and age since they are being so open about wanting an underage female as a companion. 10 bucks says that the next time they want to call a woman a girl they think twice about it.

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